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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aishwarya rai Photos hot

Aishwarya rai Photos hot


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Microsoft® Windows® XP takes the "process" out of processing your digital photos. Just snap and go - it's that easy! You can decide which photos to keep, which ones to alter or enhance, and which ones to leave on the cutting-room floor. Windows XP contains all kinds of helpful and exciting features for viewing photos, as well as printing, storing, and sharing them. With Windows XP as your "darkroom" there are no smelly chemicals or fussy negatives. Are you ready for some photo fun?

Say goodbye to buying film

Digital photography is nearly instant. There's no standing in line at the drugstore photo desk or waiting for mail-order service. You can also say goodbye to buying film - digital cameras employ tiny microchips that capture and store images again and again. And remember, digital images never fade.